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Everything You Need to Know About Industry 4.0

December 18, 2019

The rise of a new industrial phase in the 21st century known as Industry 4.0 makes it possible to get information across the countries. This industry revolution will increase the efficiency and productivity of manufactured and serves the real-time data. Industry 4.0 also encompasses to IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud and machine learning while everything people worked on using internet. Industry 4.0, offers an interlinked and comprehensive manufacturing that connects with digital. It is so beneficial because of the better control and the better understanding of every aspects operation. It will lea into grater efficiencies and change from traditional manufacturing into modern.

The application of Artificial Intelligence will bring wide impact to several sectors, such as economics, automotive, electronics and employment. The task performed by humans, can be replaced by machine, like the work of cashiers can be replaced by robots. Yet not all the jobs can be handled by machines without human intervention in the fields of health and mining. Apart from the lost and replaced jobs, of course, there will be new jobs that emerged as the positive impact of Industry 4.0 like social media officer, content creator, cyber security, and software developer.

According to the McLinsey Global Institute said that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 would have an impact of 3,000 times more devastating than the first industrial revolution in the 19th century. This is because Industry 4.0 implements automation and data exchange technology in the industrial field.

Industry 4.0 as it continues to change the way we interact have some impact to our live. With Industry 4.0 the new challenges may come, new business models may appear in the future, it will develop the new talents that suits to a new job. Besides that Industry 4.0 also have more benefits that make our business easier and effective, real-time data will be gained from every sector of business. Industry 4.0 seems to have a lot of convenience to human life after all, with a deeper understanding, the way we face it and deal with it will be easier.

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