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Indigital is a brand under PT Inspirasi Kreasi Teknologi, Indonesian creative web and mobile developer company that brings the latest web and mobile technology to help companies. Working with technology and content partners, we build beautiful applications to serve global users, for both consumers and enterprises.

Established 7 years ago, Indigital was awarded as Top Ten Asia Developer held by Tech in Asia in 2014, and became Exclusive Partner for Application Developer for Telkomsel since 2016.

We build a team with best skills in our field. Limitless Creativity as a core that brought Indigital as a big IT company in Inonesia, even in World. We gave the best we can give to many clients with our best service and aftersales to fulfill client’s need.

And now, Indigital take a giant leap. A further journey to develop IT product that connected with smart device. Make Indigital the only software based company that have smart manufacturing on its own in Indonesia. With Technologies we acquired, we want to transform every customer visualize into absolute reality.

About IoT Company

A magic lamp with voice censor, a smartwatch with temperature censor. All of that are IoT products. IoT gave the power to make every posibility into a reality. The power that turn imagination into reality in industrial field.

Every small device can have smart chip inside them, and turn that device into IoT device. IoT connected the device to internet, that makes the device connected to another device without human intervension. We call it IoT as a machine that talk to internet. We can take the benefits from the data we gathered from IoT device to any industrial field such as:


A lot of IoT device used in healthcare industry such as patient bracelet which make service process faster and easier, including patient handling and monitoring. Blood sugar bracelet that control blood sugar in human blood. And many more IoT device that can be used in healthcare field.


Smart Farming, is an IoT module to gather data such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, automation water sprinkling. A solution to plantaion or farmer to get more eficient result.


Our team developt a fingerprint starter for car, a device to start car using owner’s fingerprint. And don’t forget about GPS tracking that can be used in petrol industry, delivery service industry, et.


As a Hajj and Umra pilgrim, they need security and certainty about theri health condition, their position so they dont get lost. We make what we call Hajj Smart Bracelet. To make all the pilgrim feel comfortable and save.